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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that involves bleaching your teeth to make them whiter. The best way to keep your smile healthy and bright is to look after your teeth and gums, but it’s not unusual to need a little help.

You might consider teeth whitening for different reasons. Your teeth can lose their whiteness with age but can also become stained by smoking or drinking lots of tea, coffee, or red wine. In these cases, teeth whitening is a really quick solution to instantly brighten and whiten your smile.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening:

  • Can be carried out at a time and place to suit you
  • You are in control of the desired result
  • Safe, effective, and consistent results
  • Results in as little as 5-7 day
  • Can be easily ‘topped-up’
  • Professional Teeth Whitening is 100% Safe

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is teeth whitening?

Our in surgery teeth whitening is a professional teeth whitening system that whitens your teeth whilst removing stubborn stains and discolouration using an in surgery one hour procedure and take home teeth whitening gels which further enhance the results.

When would I need teeth whitening?

Teeth can become stained and discoloured as a result of:

  • Food and drinks consumed eg. tea, coffee, red wine, curries
  • Tobacco
  • The ageing process

Teeth whitening is a great way for brightening your natural teeth if they are discoloured, yellow, dark or stained. Fillings, crowns, veneers and other tooth coloured restorations will not whiten with teeth whitening procedures and may need replacing following a teeth whitening procedure in order to maintain a uniform colour of all of your teeth.

What is the procedure?

Teeth whitening is a very safe and effective treatment.

Our in surgery teeth whitening is the most popular and advanced procedure to brighten your smile. It only takes one appointment. We start by taking impressions or moulds of your teeth in order to make your customised teeth whitening trays. We record a shade of your teeth before starting the procedure.

Your gums are carefully protected with a special covering and then whitening gel is applied to your teeth. Our in surgery white speed LED accelerator light is shone onto your teeth for 15 minutes activating the whitening gel and will be repeated 4 times. Your teeth will instantly become shades whiter.

After the last session, we will take a shade of your teeth and give you a Take Home Maintenance kit with whitening gel, which you should use within 24 hours to further enhance the results.

Whilst whitening your teeth, you must refrain from consuming coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco.

What are the benefits of In House Teeth Whitening?

Our in surgery treatments offer superior whitening and enamel protection:

  • Provides maximum teeth whitening with minimum sensitivity or discomfort
  • Professional teeth whitening is safe and effective
  • Provides a fast and effective way to fight stains
  • You look and feel younger
  • You can enjoy a fresher look to your teeth
  • Your teeth whitening procedure is carried out safely by a dental professional
  • Can be used to complement other treatments such as smile makeovers or cosmetic bonding.

How will I feel after treatment?

If you experience any sensitivity, it will disappear within a few hours. You can however take Ibuprofen and brush your teeth with Sensodyne toothpaste.

How long will the teeth whitening treatment last?

All tooth whitening requires maintenance.

To achieve and maintain your desired radiant smile, you can use the take home whitening gels for 1-3 days each month or repeat the treatment again at a later date.

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